Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Taking Care of Me

Today was a good day! I received two packages. One from my family, and then one from a mystery sender: I sure hope I didn't choose to have my econ book in hard-copy form! I only wanted the E-Version.

The two packages I received today. One I knew was coming, and another that was a suprise. Did I really order something from UH OH. I screwed up somewhere.

AND THE WINNER OF THE GUMMY BEAR CHALLENGE IS....My twitter family!! They hooked me up with 15lbs of gummy bears! :D Haribo brand! YUM. Best kind out there! See, twitter is good for something! Thanks @bjhenry, @kathygee1, and @moburns67. <3

Here is the package my parents and my sister sent me! Below I will list everything in it.
  1. rainbow sandals
  2. glowsticks
  3. extra contacts
  4. gallon sized baggies
  5. $25 cash
  6. mini first aid kit
  7. plastic basketball
  8. 2 nerf basketballs
  9. iPhone car charger
  10. mouth piece for my nalgene bottles
  11. a pack of 5 gum
  12. camel back cleaning tablets
  13. nike waterbottle
  14. nalgene bottle
  15. multi-use, wash again handi-wipes **Correction**
  16. a bottle of handsoap
  17. spiral bound notebook
  18. nerf football
  19. 4 SportsIllustrated magazines
  20. the Progress (SFHS magazine, which i am in)
Thanks everyone for the packages!!!!! :D <3


  1. Yay! We won the contest! Hope you were surprised, and that you enjoy them.

    Glad to see you have Rainbow Sandals. LOL And the gallon baggies will come in handy to keep the gummys fresh.

  2. I was super surprised! Thanks! :D

    And great mothers think alike right? You with the gummy bears and my mom with the baggies! Success!

  3. I was pretty sure that Kathy was going to make me order some Rubbermaid containers for all those gummys, so it's good thing for those bags!!

    You're very welcome -- I'm glad we won. :-)