Saturday, August 15, 2009

Howdy Colorado!

Hey all! I say all just because, I really don't have that many people following this blog. It is kind of just a place for me to write and talk about life at Boulder. So I left my house this morning at 5:30am for our flight out of San Jose. Said bye to my puppy, Tux and my sister Gina. : (
We arrived at the airport checked in. We arrive at security and we realize the lady never gave us our boarding passes. I now had to run back to the check-in and ask for them. The lady prints them out and stuffs them in an envelope. I run back to the security line and find out that the lady gave me boarding passes for completely other people. Now my parents are furious. Our plane boards in 5 minutes and we haven't even gotten through the security check point. I go back and get the right tickets, phewf. We barely made our plane.
Now for the plane ride: It was nice, smooth and the 3 of us slept the whole time. In the middle of the flight I woke up and played some Baseball Slugger on my iPhone. I hit 23 homeruns in one round of the homerun derby. I was pretty stoked. At the end of the flight, the ride got a little turbulent.Ok, now to the good part!
At the rent a car place (Budget), a cute little girl and her mom befriended me. We talked about their trip to Aspen, my school(her husband went there) and they shared their jelly bellies with me. :D Super nice Colorado folk! And then my mom, dad, and I stopped at Sonic!! @zjh90 is jealous, I can tell from here. I had a CrissSonic Sandwich, some tater tots, and a meaty breakfast burrito. yum! :D Now im in my hotel, on 28th and Folsom. To most of you that means absolutely nothing. But it has a swimming pool, and a putting green! How awesome is that?
Thanks for reading! Hope it was mildly exciting!

BTW: the picture of me was taken by my dad, Rodney. And the picture of the campus was taken from

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  1. How dare you visit a Sonic. I expect tater tots in the mail...