Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sanuk = happiness & balance

I want a pair! I think they are really cool sandals. And very Boulder-like. Check them out here.. They are around the $50 range, so maybe for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or maybe I get them for myself for the celebration of Gina's bday?! :D haha.

They been around since July, 1997 when Jeff Kelley started making sandals out of inner tubes and indoor-outdoor carpet. “SanĂ¼k” is the Thai word for happiness and balance(exactly what I am striving for here at CU), the name is also the mantra. Smile…Pass it on!

There is another brand of this type of sandal/shoe that I tried on at the CU Bookstore, but they were $65. Next time I am in the store, I will try and check out what brand they are.


  1. Everyone at school wheres these. I have to agree with Michael. GET THEM... They're hot...

  2. everyone at school? whos school? haha.

  3. let's see your review of Original Paperbacks!