Friday, September 25, 2009

Belgium Bound Best Friend Pulls Through

Here we are..Me, Michael, and Annie after my farewell dinner at Fresh Choice. :D

This was from my other package that came from
It is my $0.99 recession case. Totally waterproof and float-able. ;)
Can you tell I am genuinely happy?

I got a package from Michael yesterday and a
package from Annie today(pictures to come).
Michael sent me 3 long sleeve shirts, because he won't be needing them
in Belgium for his mission, and I do need them here in Boulder!


  1. YAY! what a super friend i am to you! : ) annie is anxiously waiting for her buff shirt! haha. you better enjoy your spoon me shirt and watch out for shrinkage! :) miss you vincent!

  2. thanks for the shirts man!
    and let annie know that "hopefully" i will send her, her shirt this upcoming week. :D