Friday, September 18, 2009

@CUSportsMag...Youtubing it

Im working the feed for @CUSportsMag :D
Next week I am working the "Y" tape. I have no idea what that means. haha.

Gorgeous view I saw when coming back to Williams Village from Atlas.

Working on the "Big 12 Football package".
Editing Big 12 footage given to us from the league.
Right now we are working on Texas Tech vs. Rice.

Working on "Athlete of the Week". This week it was a volleyball player.
Sophomore -- Rosie Steinhaus

Working on the "Street Interview"


  1. This seriously looks like so much fun! You managed to find something that mixes two of your favorite things: sports and technology (*cough*nerd*cough* haha). And all thanks to Twitter! We love you Twitter!!!

  2. haha, right!? its soo coool. ill keep you updated on twitter/my blog!


  3. Very cool! I didn't know you found this on twitter. Yay Twitter!

  4. yeah! i found alot of secret/hidden clubs/opportunities on twitter.i might apply to be a CUAmbassador as well. basically giving tours around campus when seniors in high school start visiting!!