Friday, September 4, 2009

@mhelvey! Welcome to Colorado!

Today Michael arrived in Denver, Colorado to come visit me for the weekend. This is the last time I will be seeing my best-man before he heads to Belgium to serve his Church, for the next two years. Mixed feelings about that for sure. Excited for him, but sad he won't be around when I am back in the Bay(tear). So, he put some money together with some help from Mr. Helvey(his daddy) i think he helped. ; )
So I woke up super early to get to the airport. I am really paranoid about the whole getting to the airport deal. The AB Sky-Ride bus only stops at the stop I was at every hour. I got on to the bus, made a couple transfers and was on my way. The public transportation people in Boulder were VERY helpful telling me where to get on which bus. A lady even dropped me off at a non-designated stop. SCORE!
I got to the airport, listened to my music, played on my laptop, and created a sign for Michael on my computer. It was awesome. I have never gotten so many weird looks, and head-turns as people get off the plane. It was quite a sight. I was holding my Macbook Pro in the air, dancing around. My reason for doing so was that, hopefully I never see any of these people again. But, this weekend is CU vs. CSU weekend at Folsom Field, meaning I may see some of these people at the game. haha. Oh well.

And there is the bozo I call the best-man. Dude, look at the road!

My view from the passengers seat in the Kia Rio. Beautiful Colorado!

Our rental car which was a Kia Rio was from Florida.
Even cars from Florida love 4 seasons and snow!

One of my drafts for Michael's sign. Thought the flight number
and CU Boulder was too much.

Wifi in the AB Sky-Ride bus was called the 60ft Lesbian Octopus

**next planned visitor @zjh90, springtime of 2010**


  1. Have fun with his visit! Looks like you're off to a good start. :-)

  2. Hope you guys have a great time! (Hide the gummy bears! LOL).

  3. Hey Vince, it looks like you are having a ton of fun. Keep your eyes on the road, Mike!

  4. thanks for having me vince!! it was awesome to come out and see you and where you go to school and everything! : ) it was a successful trip!