Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Week, New Post, New Pictures

The cool thing I bought for my Macbook Pro!! :D @zjh90,
I am working on finding you something cool as well, don't worry.
"Snow White's Revenge"
If you want to get your own, click here.

Amanda from @CUSportsMag (twitter) interviewing star
DE Marquez Herrod of the CU Football team.
He had a great interview and a very inspirational story to share.
Check us out here!

A girl named Dani (For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook,
this is the girl in my profile picture) drew this for Danny and I. Cool huh?

A quote said by Michael Jackson that I saw on someone's door whiteboard.
Thought it was cool.

My beard still growing..haha. Haven't shaved since I have been here. Manly huh?

A cool app (for the iPhone or iPod) I found called Walk n' Tweet.
It's a very simple app for tweeting while walking that has a picture of
your surroundings being shown through the camera of your iPhone.
Check out the app here!

Getting excited with my creative pictures on the first day of Fall.
Get ready for pictures of buildings and the Flat Irons.

Crazy accident I witnessed at a red light.
I was on the Buff Bus on my way back to Will Vill.


  1. a)Snow White is cool, love the cover for your macbook
    b)Dani's drawing is awesome, how fun!
    c)Walk and tweet is hilarious. But something I totally will have to download.
    d)Seems to be the semester of no shaving. I know at least three other guys who haven't shaved since classes began, largely for Biblical reasons, but still!

  2. I love the Snow White. That walk and tweet app is too funny! I'm sure it will save a lot of people from bumping into things.

    How long are you going to let that beard go? You don't want to look like a member of ZZ Top. LOL

  3. thank you! thank you!
    --i found the snow white decal on with the help of @zjh90.
    --you really have to check out walk n' tweet. it is either $0.99 or FREE. I think I got it when it was FREE. Its a funny app, but no way will it replace @simplytweet.
    --and RE: the no I will probably leave it until my dad and sister come to visit, which is October 17th...if I can live with hair on my face for that much longer. LOL.
    --We will see, but im sure I will let twitter know..haha.

  4. Bitch please! The only "help" you got from me in finding that decal is because I told you I wanted one!!!! *breath* *control myself*.... But I am happy for you bud, that you "found" such an awesome and cool decal for your MBP.... *grinding teeth while pretending to grin*. Haha, I can't wait to see the one you find for me! :) <--Actual smile