Friday, October 2, 2009

Sanuks -- Smile, and Pass it On

My Sanuks have arrived! :D Thank you @SanukFootwear
I bought the size 11 Dylans on
So far I love them and are very comfortable!
But how do I wear them? With or Without Socks?
Smelly? or not as Smelly?


  1. yayyyy!! i so want them when i get home from my mission. im sure you could wear them with or without. i know annie wears without most the time but probably both ways. sooo sick you got some. i like the kind you got.

  2. thanks man!!
    how about this..i will make you a deal.

    you send me chocolate from belgium while you are on your mission, and when you return, your Sanuks (your choice of style and size, which i am guessing is an 11, like me b/c there are no half sizes) will be waiting for you, fully paid for already. :D

    sound good?

    ohh, and you have to agree to this deal via comments on my blog, or all is void. ; )

  3. I'm gonna go with socks. At least for now. The logic being that it is about to be REALLY cold in Boulder so you're going to to want socks. And, if you wear them with socks at least for now, next summer you can wear them without and since you'll have had them for 6+months you won't mind as much when they get smelly.

  4. "your logic is undeniable".. name the movie.. lol.

    and yes i agree! that sounds like a great idea! :D

  5. yes that is such a good dealll!!!!! haha i will for sure! what a stellar deal. sorry it took so long i played racquetball this morning and then angie and derek have been over. so sweet! i will not forget that deal. mark my word haha. thanks man!