Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Break and New Years!

This was the first time I have gone home since I left for Colorado in August. And boy was it great do be home. I would be staying at home for the next 3 weeks or so. I hung out with friends and just took it easy. I hung out with my family and spent a lot of time with my dad.
New Years was a ton of fun. I went down to Manhattan Beach, CA and hung out with my friend Hannah. Hannah and I go to school together in Colorado and we figured it would be cool to hang out for New Years. I also met up with Buckles and Lauren, both girls who go to school with me and live near Hannah.

My Dad took me to the USC v. Boston College football game.
I met up with my friend Molly at the game. USC ended up winning. :(

For you Hannah Montana fans..
This is the pier shown at the beginning of her show.
It is right by Hannah's house in Manhattan Beach!

Here is the view of a gorgeous sunset.
This is from the balcony of Hannahs House.

My Dad also took me to a Sharks game in a suite.
The suite is owned by BridgeBank. It was a ton of fun
and the sharks won in OT, 2-1!

And finally! There I am shooting an M4. It is a
very accurate gun and a ton of fun to shoot.

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