Monday, March 8, 2010

Chautauqua (sha-taq-waaaaaaaaahh)

Sha as in Shack. Taq as in Taqueria. Wahhhh as in the game Wah!

Chatting and Water. Two things present on our hike. One I was lacking. Natalie brought enough water for both of us but I was kind of sick, and didn't want to get her sick so I went thirsty for the duration of our two and a half our adventure. I was ok though. White snow is your best friend for an occasional snack. ;)

This past weekend Natalie and I went on a hike to the Boulder Flatirons. We started off on a really icy path at an incline. Natalie had some pretty comical falls (I mean very elegant and graceful). Once we got to an actual trail, it was more easy going, but now muddy. Because of the recent rainfall and runoff, the mountain was quite the hike. We decided to head towards the Royal Arch. But we never did make it there. What used to be wooden steps was now a giant icy slide, fit for penguins. And we definitely looked like penguins sliding down the chute! Nevertheless it was an awesome adventure. And we finished it off with sandwiches at Which Wich! (get the Pastrami!) Its fun to have a good hiking partner who is willing to talk sports with you!

Here is the goal of our hike, which we never got to. Another time..another time..

Pictures were taken from Google
but weather is very much accurate. 


  1. DUDE!!! I just want to say that I have been deleted from the twitterverse for a little while (was @1mcmommy, then @littleladymomma, you better remember me!!), anyways, because of all of that, I TOTALLY missed your Birthday!!!! So Happy (yes, I know, VERY) belated Birthday to you!!!!

  2. YES! i remember you! what happened? Are you coming back to twitter?
    Well thanks for the birthday wishes, Patty! :)
    I had a great birthday, the big 19! haha.