Thursday, March 4, 2010

OtterBox Defender

I took a pretty big fall the last time I went snowboarding and heard something in my jacket crack as I hit the ice. Freaking out, I opened up my jacket and found my iPhone barely breathing. My iPhone has suffered a flesh wound. My incase slider had broke. While the case had done its job(protect my iPhone at all costs), it could now no longer perform its duties and it had an honorable discharge. 
Now begins my search for the replacement. I needed a case that would take impact, be able to be used while it is raining, and not slip out of my gloved hands. I had come back to the case I had always wondered about but never took the chance to purchase. The Otterbox! Yes, the Otterbox was always too bulky, too expensive and too flashy. Now, was the time to go for it. I did some research. I went to and decided I wanted the Defender, the multi-layer beast. 

"About our Defender Series: An innovative three layer design protects your iPhone from bumps, drops, scratches and dust while keeping your iPhone fresh as new."

And thats what I got. Ever since, I have fallen in love with my case. I get so many compliments about my case! The first is always, "Look at that case you have there, wow its heavy duty!" And a cool selling point for us kids in Colorado...Otterbox is based in Fort Collins, CO! Here are some pictures below.



  1. That does look heavy duty. lol

  2. HAHA! Thanks Ms. Kathy.
    It is quite the beast of a case. But I love it so much!