Thursday, March 4, 2010

@Timbuk2 Birthday Gift

For those of you who don't know, my birthday is March 15th, and fast approaching! Put it on your calendars. Well the current backpack I have had is becoming quite grimy and a hole was forming in the bottom, and that means I would need a new backpack soon. I decided I wanted to try something different. A Messenger Bag, one that will carry my books, my laptop, a jacket and a bunch of other random things I normally carry. I did some research, like always and decided on @Timbuk2, for a couple of reasons. They are made in the Bay Area; San Francisco to be exact, which is really cool! They are also super-Bouldery and the guy who works in costumer service just moved from Denver to San Francisco. Check out Timbuk2. They are great bags! My parents bought it for me. Thanks Mom and Dad! <3

Here is the one I got. I customized it from the color of the logo to the blue and black stripes to the little glossy straps so I don't get killed by a crazy driver while I am on a bike/walking home. I also added the nice, little grippy strap so that it won't slide off my back. The compression straps are also a cool feature that allow me to cinch down my contents so that it doesn't flap around. 


  1. I think it'd be fun to create one of these bags - maybe next summer or whenever I start taking classes again!

  2. -A

    It was really fun! It has so many choices/patterns for customization. Although it is a little pricey to customize one, it is so worth it! :)
    They are very well made and from the Bay!

  3. Oh and I'm readig you BLOG!!!

  4. Thanks Chad!

    Thats a pretty good thing to be doing on a Sunday morning! hah. :)