Thursday, March 4, 2010

@Zjh90 visits Boulder

Zack was here February 19-21st. In exchange for a few plane delays and an annoying crying baby on his flight from San Jose, CA to Denver, CO, Zack was rewarded with the all-inclusive Boulder experience with me! The first night we went to bowling at Mad Catz in Westminster, CO with my Bible Study group. We had pizza, bowled a bunch of games and hung out with some of the guys in my Study. When we got back, we hung out at Will Vill, met all my friends and just hung out. Zack was pretty tired from all the traveling so we took it easy.

Saturday sure was jam-packed though. We woke up really early(10 am, LOL) and had some dining hall breakfast then hit the sights of Boulder. I gave Zack the official CU Boulder tour of the campus. We then went to the 29th Street Mall and went to the Apple Store. I bought a new screen protector for my iPhone. We also went to Borders and Champion(an athletic store where I got a CU hat).
After enough looking at the 29th Street Mall, we hit up Pearl Street, which is a very pretty outdoor mall where the street is blocked off and its all pedestrian walking. We just looked around and bought a candy apple from some place called Colorado Chocolate, I think. We also had lunch at Which Wich, which is a really good sandwich restaurant.

The rest of Zack's trip was more of the same! Eating out, visiting stuff in Boulder, hanging out with my friends, etc..

Thanks Zack for visiting!

And if you care to read Zack's musings about the trip, check out his blog.


  1. Thanks for having me, stud! Great little mini-vacation for me!!! :)

  2. your welcome man! im glad you could make it.