Monday, August 24, 2009

Frisbee, N64, Mini-Golf, Oh my!

Today marks the 1 week anniversary of me being in Boulder, Colorado, here to begin my freshman year at CU Boulder! And so far--im loving it! The people are awesome, the city is gorgeous and there is wayy too much to do here! :D To tell you the truth, its a little overwhelming; learning how to take the bus, navigating the CU campus, meeting people, balancing classes. etc. So far I am doing very well. The only thing I NEED is a bike. And I need it really badly. Sometimes I want to go to the 29th Street Mall and I dont want to take the bus. I will keep you all updated on how the bike hunt goes. Today I woke up at 12:30pm to my roommate(Daniel) listening to really loud music. It may sound annoying, but I needed to get up and get going. I had alot to do today. I registered my laptop with the Boulder Police/CU campus police so that in case my laptop was stolen, they could retrieve it. Because I signed up for this I had to place a large, silver, metallic sticker on the front of my laptop. I wasnt too excited about it, but luckily I have the InvisibleShield on my laptop, so the sticker is not literally on the computer, but on the outer plastic coating.
After that I found my classes, walked to each one writing them down on my map, in hopes of remembering where to go tomorrow, when it actually matters!
I then met up with a girl named Colleen. We went to dinner together and then played some frisbee on the Darley Commons Quad. Colleen overthrew the frisbee and I turned around and ran for it, trying to grab the frisbee out of the air. I ran into a huge electrical box and got my arm all cut up. But I have to admit, it was pretty funny! The group of 6 girls watching us thought so as well. haha.
Then began the late-night fun! My dorm room turned into party central. We had the N64 with the new "old" tv. I had about 12 people in here playing Mario Kart and talking. We then decided to create a mini-golf land course with 3 holes on the left wing of Stearns West. The RA(Drew) even enjoyed it!


  1. This is what college life is about. Oh...that and a lot of school work, of course!

  2. Be careful! No ending up in the infirmary too soon! :-)

  3. haha. this was the night before school started. :D we decided we HAD to do something fun right before!