Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Couple Photo Ops

Here are some pictures I took around campus of different things...

Me cheese n' it in the bathroom on the 6th floor. Monday was spirit day.

My residence hall at Williams Village--Stearns West. I live on the 6th floor. Room 634

An iClicker I had to buy for my Finite Math class, and Psychology class.
It was $40, sorry mom and dad. But I needed it. It's 1/4 of my grade.

HAHA. Some immature kid wrote this on a a fire extinguisher box in my stairwell.

Guys doing graffiti (sponsored by CU) for the concert "Pretty Lights"


  1. Nice! Although, seriously, your room number? You are BRAVE.

  2. Nice pics! I was thinking the same thing as Andrea, but then I realized you just wanted the chickies to be able to find you more easily. ;-)

  3. EXACTLY!! :D its public knowledge anyways..haha.