Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First College Laundry Run

Today I took my first adventure to the laundry in the Basement on Stearns West. I arrived to the basement with all my clothes, my All soap, and my bounce dryer sheets to see that the Stearns West laundry room had too many people for my liking, and alot of the same people I have been hanging out with. I figured this would be the perfect time to broaden my horizons and search out another place to do my laundry. I ventured over to Stearns East(the two buildings share a basement tunnel, which I took) and found the laundry room there. I met the people and started up my laundry, taking precaution to sort out my lights/whites and the darks. I started up two machines, bringing my total to $2.00, which I paid with by swiping my BuffOne Card.
In the meantime, my friend Abby(picture coming soon) from my leadership camp met me at the laundry room, because she wanted to hang out. We talked, listened to music, and skyped some people: my dad, mom, anna, haley, michael, and molly. After about 35 minutes I moved my clothes from the washing machines to the dryers. Another $2.00, bringing my total to $4.00!

More waiting.....

And waiting..

And waiting...

Now, the laundry is done! I check it out, and notice that the laundry is just as wet as when I put it in! ARRGGG! so, I swipe my card 2x more, once for each dryer and begin the process all over. This brought my total to $6.00.
After all was said and done, I folded my laundry, said bye to my new friends and headed to back Stearns West. Success!
Something else I worked on while doing home-screen for my iPhone. Please check out my blog that @zjh90 and I have.


  1. My brother will be so happy that you separated your loads. He'll probably take credit for it. There really is no excuse for him.

  2. haha. yeah! it was really easy. i guess practice at home pays off.