Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flatirons Hike with The Herd

Today I woke up early to go on a hiking trip up the Flatirons. Flatirons is the large mountain range to the west of the CU campus. I left my dorm at 8am, because I wasn't sure how long it would take to reach the Koenig Alumni Center at Broadway and University. Good thing I left when I did, because it took me 50 minutes. Do keep in mind, I got lost. The final route was: take the RTD 203 bus from 30th/Baseline to Broadway. Get off here and wait 20 minutes for the Sk'p bus. Take that bus to Broadway/University. Get off at Starbucks and walk across the street to the Alumni Building.The hike was awesome. It took 45-50 minutes to get to the top and from there the view was endless. I could see all of Boulder and Denver. From this spot, we could see the Meteorology Center in Denver and the Atomic Clock Center as well. After reaching the top, some pictures were taken, there was a little break and then we headed back down the mountain, but this time alotquicker.After all was said and done, we got FREE lunch! yum! :D and then I got a Herd Shirt, which I can wear to CU football games.
And to tell you the truth, this hike was not easy. It was short and sweet, but the altitude was brutal. I am into backpacking and such but the altitude was the hardest part in this little adventure.


  1. Don't ever let the views disappear. Appreciate your surroundings. It looks absolutely beautiful there. :)

  2. i feel soo lucky to wake up every morning to this..its absolutely gorgeous!