Sunday, August 23, 2009

TV Hunting

The roommate(Daniel) and I decided we needed a tv for the room, and waiting would not work. We checked out and found the perfect TV for us. It is a 25" AKAI tv. The sale price was $65, but we were able to get it for $60! Great deal! haha. That extra $5 allowed me to get two pieces of pizza at Cosmos, right across from Williams Village, aka Will Vill. It has a beautiful picture and makes a really cool noise when it turns on and off. It sounds like a noise from Mario. Today I went to Best Buy to find a Coaxial cable for getting cable tv in the dorm! Luckily I was able to find a 12' cable for $16. I get over 60 channels, most of them being local. I have already put this tv to good use with the live broadcast of the Giants v. Rockies game. Unfortunately the Giants lost 11-14. : (


  1. Hey, this is just about as nice as our old TV. You got a great deal on it, Vince!

  2. haha. i know, right? we got it on craigslist from a senior/graduate student at CU!