Monday, September 7, 2009

Hawkins man, Hawkins (CU vs. CSU)

September 6th. Sunday night. 5:00 PM MST. Kickoff of the Rocky Mountain Showdown. CU vs. CSU. The Hippies vs. The Hicks. In-State rivals. As you can see, on the right at the bottom of the post, the Colorado

Buffaloes hold a large advantage in the rivalry. 58 wins for the Colorado Buffaloes vs. 19 wins for the Colorado State Rams. For the most part the Buffaloes have always
had the better team.

But this time it was different. Right from the get-go the CSU Rams

showed poise and complete dominance with every faucet of the game, mostly their passing attack. Every pass the CSU QB threw deep was either caught for a long gain/a score/or a perfect pass that the receive just drops. Every deep ball got behind out CU Secondary. It didnt look like the CU CB/SS/FS were messing up with their defensive schemes. They were just flat out, out-hustled, so it seemed.
On to our offense, We could not get anything done! We were held to 80 some yards in the first

half. 61 of them rushing with the rest being through the air. By the end of the second quarter, the fans, (including myself) were calling for Cody Hawkins' head. "Hansen! Hansen! Hansen!" filled the stadium. Clearly whatever his dad's talk, Dan Hawkins, the coach said really woke him up. Or maybe it was our deafening chant that did it. I am convinced that was the reason. None the less, the Buffaloes couldn't put it together. And one of the best parts of the game...the was a streaker!! OMG, it was so funny. and disgusting all at the same time. It was at half-time. The Buffs ended up losing to their instate rivals the CSU Rams by a score of 23-17. The game got exciting at the end of the fourth when Cody Hawkins put together a respectable drive that ended with a TD. But it was wayyy too late. It basically sucked alot! I was so pissed. It was an awful game. And the WORST part is that the CSU students/fans stormed our field.. : / Tough to watch for sure. Im not feeling so good about my 8-4 prediction for the season. : / The Buffs better turn it around.

Yep!! That's me!! :D on TV at the CU vs. CSU game!
Thanks Mom and Dad for sending me the picture.

Here is the pano shot of Folsom Field! Click on this picture to see it larger.

There goes Ralphie! She runs twice every game. At the beginning at at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. This really gets the fans going! (I just got goosebumps writing this)

Folsom Field Sign outside the stadium prior to kickoff.

From our first seats.. we later moved closer to the field.

The CU band playing with the CSU band. Wasn't really diggin' it.
Sportsman ship is cool and all, but no. We weren't fans of this. haha.

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  1. Thats an ACTUAL buffalo!?!?! Coooool. Well, so you were on TV, admittedly, I did get bored and change the channel, but there were lots of shots of you guys in yellow shirts so... :) I have NO idea what the rest of your post meant. I don't understand sport...

  2. hahahaha. yes! its a real buffalo! her name is ralphie! and some cowboys/and 2 cowgirls run her at every game. its awesome!
    and i was on tv, at the beginning of the game so you would have missed it if you turned it on late.

    thats really cool you saw the game in australia! did you ever figure out why??

  3. looks like fun man! sucks they lost hopefully they win next time so it is actually fun lol. thats so sweet that you were on tv so big! haha so fun.

  4. Why am I SO not surprised that you were on your phone when they caught you on TV? :-)

  5. Looks like you had a great time kiddo! Sorry your team didn't win. There's always next time, right? I can't believe that buffalo, it's so awesome. I love that your parents got that picture of you on TV. :-)

  6. mo mo! the kid with the phone isnt me!! im right under him, talking to the girl!! haha. :D

    and i know! they luckily recorded it and were able to take the pic and send it to me, for me blog!