Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twice as Nice

Today I got my packages in the mail!
Same routine..I get email saying I got a package waiting for me in Darley Commons, and then I head over to Darley between 4pm-6pm to pick up said package.

@zjh90 also sent me a gift! a #sfgiants iPhone case! Pretty sweet!
He also sent me a check for $3.25.
It is half the profit we have made from our app review blog. haha

My gummy bears! I think my staple food of choice is Haribo Gummy Bears.

My parents sent me a package with two magazines: 1 being a magazine I have a lifetime subscription to because I am an Eagle Scout and the other being Sports Illustrated: NFL Preview. The other thing they sent me were some gummy bears :D and my glasses.


  1. More gummy bears! LOL Looks like you are set for a while. Nice pic of you with your new iPhone cover.

  2. im set with the gummy bears for sure!! haha. and thank you! :D