Sunday, September 13, 2009

@CUSportsMag = Career in Sports Broadcasting?

This past week I have been working Twitter a little bit and have really got into finding companies in the Boulder area that tweet hoping I could find some discounts and reestablish some respect for the Twitterers at CU Boulder. LOL. Well I found some stores as well as some Twitter pages for various Schools at CU Boulder including the Leeds School of Business, @LeedsCUBoulder.
I also found more Twitter pages for many clubs/organizations. I found a couple for Frats, @CUIndependent (student run online newspaper, ya know? being green and all), @CUAmbassadors (students who organize tours of campus), the @CUBookstore (our school store, anything CU you could possibly want, including the Buffalo Chip), @cubuffs (CU sports news), @mycuboulder (just CU campus news) and FINALLY @CUSportsMag!
@CUSportsMag is a student run TV/Youtube broadcast on channel 22 and Youtube.
I have already signed up for this up-coming week to work the Youtube feed, (a little behind the scenes work, working to get the feed "LIVE" as we shoot in the studio). And then as I participate more I will be able to work the camera, lights, tech stuff, and by the end of the semester/year I will be able to be on the show, maybe as something not as prominent, like the weather or a special package I personally worked on. We will see how it goes, but I am very exciting for the possibility this club gives me. :D

Twitter = @CUSportsMag
Youtube Feed =

Below are some pictures from my first time in the studio.

Luke and Amanda on the set of @CUSportsMag

The cameras and teleprompters.

View from behind the cameras of the set at @CUSportsMag


  1. That's so exciting! You're gonna be a techie just like me! :) I know that's been your dream for a long time.

  2. Very exciting! Good luck with that!

    I have to ask, they sell Buffalo chips??? LOL

  3. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. i knew someone would ask. "buffalo chip" is the super clever name for the electronics dept in our school book store.

  4. That is so sweet man! What a cool thing to find out about and join!

  5. You're too fun, Vince! It's so fun reading about all that you're doing. Love it!!

  6. Very cool. I worked in TV a little bit when I was in college and it was a lot of fun. Enjoy!

  7. thanks! ill keep you all updated on how it goes! :D