Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogger Football Pick' em League Week 5

**The teams I picked and lost are in RED**
**The teams I picked and won are in BLUE** 

Houston @ Cincinnati
Detroit @ Green Bay
St. Louis @ Jacksonville
Baltimore @ Minnesota
NY Giants @ New Orleans
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
Carolina @ Tampa Bay
Kansas City @ Washington
Philadelphia @ Oakland
Arizona @ Seattle
Tennessee @ New England
Buffalo @ NY Jets
Chicago @ Atlanta

Monday Night

Denver @ San Diego
Combined MNF Score = 52

It's Family Weekend here at CU Boulder. Sorry I couldn't provide my explanations for this week. Im doing this weeks' picks with not much research.. 


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  1. Well, you're still a big one up on me -- after reminding the others to do their picks, I forgot to do mine! *sigh* Good luck, looks like you're doing well again.