Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 5 Yahoo Fantasy Football #cgleague/Toyota Blowout Award

OK, ok. The Buffs(my fantasy team) are officially back! We had a great weekend! The Buffs beat up on the Hotlanta NFL Divas 144.62 -- 79.05! What a BLOWOUT! Not only did AP get off for 20+ points, so did Ronnie Brown, Big Ben, Philly's D, and Roddy White. I am now tied for the #1 record in the league, the #1 points leader in the league, and I have the most points scored in a single week in the league eclipsing my previous record of 143.29! What a week. I am now 4-1. Bring on the Granite Gargoyles!

I blew out my opponent so big that I won my league's
Toyota Biggest Fantasy Blowout for the week!
I beat my opponent 144.62 -- 79.05 which is a +65.57 point difference.

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