Friday, October 2, 2009

Gorgeous Boulder, Co -- CU Campus

The Flatirons! From Farrand Field. I laid here for 2 hours.
Waiting to go to my Psychology Class.

From Farrand Field. I see a Nessy and a bear claw. What do you see?

Picture of Hannah. She said she wanted her picture taken
--this is her not being ready.

Beautiful picture of the Flatirons from the steps leading up to Farrand Field

Picture from outside of the Leeds School of Business looking out to the construction.

This one is for @camhe12. #shadowpicture

Picture of my backpack and my shoes with some lovely grass/lawn.


  1. Dude thats awesome scenery! Wow... How lucky you are you? My uni view was a manky river. :S

  2. Thanks! I love it here! It is gorgeous! :D

    and because i didnt know what manky meant, and i doubt other people do... ;)

    manky - inferior and worthless

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! might want to check the caption on the first picture. LOL!

  4. ohh boooyyy! when i saw that i was laughing..
    i DID post this post at 1:00am. I think I was a little tired. haha.