Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Last Skype

Tonight was the last night that Michael and I could Skype. I forget the explanation for this
but basically Michael's mission began today at 8pm PST. This was brought upon by either his mission president/bishop, I don't remember which one Michael told me.
For the next 2-3 days, Michael will be living life as if he is on the mission, following all mission guidelines. His dad, Ted will be Michael's companion. They will do everything together.
Great father-son bonding. Hopefully Mr. Helvey can impart some wisdom on Michael before he goes... He needs it. ; )

Michael and I in our natural habitat. :D Annie seems worried.
I promise not to drop him Annie!

Our booties! Annie, Michael, and I

from the left: Trevor, Annie, Michael, myself, and Cameron

Michael-- I would like to thank you for the past few years man. Ever since, what was it, 5th grade? You are one lucky kid, that none of my other friends were available to Trick-or-Treat with me on that Halloween. I was basically forced to hang out with you (HEHEHE), and its been an awesome friendship ever since! :D Wouldnt have traded it for anything. See you in 2 years man! Have a good one! Oh, and please send me chocolate!

And also, for any third parties reading this...Michael has left me in charge of his twitter account! You all know how excited that makes me! :D Please follow him on twitter at @mhelvey as I tweet news from his mission via letters/emails I receive/am forwarded! As always, please follow me at @timbe2. I too will have news of his journeys.

**All pictures courtesy of the awesome, Mrs. Helvey**


  1. Bah. You made me all teary. Friendships like that are for life, seriously. I'll be following :-)

  2. thanks kel!! :D

    sorry about the teary eyes...

    follow @mhelvey !!

  3. I learned more about mission communication this month. I was surprised that they can only call home on Christmas and Mother's Day. However, I'm sure there will be lots of letters and on his one day a week he's allowed to email, he will!

    I'm following. And in two years, when he gets back? You are going to have a lot of fun catching up to do! Is he going to BYU? That's like WAY closer to Boulder than the Bay Area!

  4. yep! he can only call on christmas and mothers day!
    i hope so! and chocolate too! :D

    and yeah! he will be going to BYU-Provo, which is the one in Utah. There is also one in Hawaii, and one in Idaho.


  5. I know that there are two other BYU's and yet? I always mean the Utah one. Haha. That's where Brett's older bro goes now (his mission was in Calgary, he's been back for about 2 yrs now) along with a lot of people I went to high school with. We have a very strong Mormon population in our town.

  6. ohh..haha. most people talk about the utah one! most dont even know there are other ones.
    thats really cool! :D they are awesome.

  7. Fantastic post. Always nice to hear about such strong friendships! Best of luck to Michael.

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  9. A great friendship is a special gift. I think it is so impressive that you can appreciate that. You never cease to amaze me Vince.

    Best of luck to Michael. Hope he has a fantastic adventure!

    (Sorry I deleted the other one...had to fix a typo. LOL)

  10. You made me cry again, Vince, which isn't hard to do these days. I can't begin to tell you how much your friendship with Michael has meant to me ("the awesome Mrs. Helvey") and the rest of our family. We're all going to miss Michael, but there is nothing else I'd rather he was doing, as you know. Love to you, always....

  11. thanks kathy and mrs. helvey! :D

    i was texting cam last night. and he said he misses how we all used to stay up and play video games! i told him i will be back soon and get to do that again! :D Christmas Break!
    by the way, please email me michael's address for the mtc, and his apartment in belgium.

  12. Hey Vince, loved your post! Michael is so fortunate to have you in his life. Now that I know you have a blog, I'll be checking in on you from time to time ;)


  13. Hey Angie!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!
    I post about all kinds of cool stuff. sometimes. haha.

    I hope to see you all soon! Tell Uncle Derek and Porter hello! :)