Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 4 Yahoo Fantasy Football #cgleague / BFL Badge

Here it is! Week 4! The Buffs (my fantasy team, not the CU Buffs) are back! We are currently 4-1 after beating the Mr. Potato Heads into Mashed Potatoes. The final score was 110.07 -- 85.83. But of course this win doesn't come with some controversy. Long story short,
my opponent didn't have the defense that he wanted started, and he swears that he submitted the defense he wanted. I allowed @SteveGarufi, the manager of our league to allow the change for my opponent. At first I was a little worried as to how this would affect my match-ups. In the end, his second choice D, didn't help much more than the Buffalo Bills' D. Next week I have the Hotlanta NFL Divas. She is on a roll and getting the hang of fantasy football. Good luck to her, but I am going to own!

And this is my Winner's Badge for winning the BFL League
for week 2 where I went 14-2 over the course of the weekend.


  1. Glad you finally got your winners badge! Congratulations. :-)

  2. thank you! :D

    I was pretty excited about it. lol.

  3. There's actually a whole group of people in my Ethnic Studies class who are working on their fantasy team. Even my teacher is involved in it. Its how we spend the first ten minutes of every class period. Haha.

    (I hope this suffices...I'll have better ones later).

  4. ehh...a little
    i want some personal examples of how fantasy football has affected your life in a positive way.

  5. Congrats! You had a strong week in the BFL this last time, too. You are a picking force to be reckoned with!! :-)

  6. thanks mo mo!
    i guess im a pretty good football picker! :D