Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 7 Yahoo Fantasy Football #cgleague /Toyota Blowout Award/BFL Week 6 Champion

I beat the Flea Flicker by a score of 118.10 to 55.08! What a blowout.
He just wasn't strong competition this week. This win improves my
record to 5-2 and 827 points. And for my dominating win,
I won the Toyota Blowout Award of the week!
My second time winning this prestigious award.
I beat my opponent by 63.02 points.

I was the champion of my BFL pick em' league this week!
I was tied with HeadlessMom, BwJen and kathygee1 going into the
final game of the week. We all had the Philly Eagles winning the game,
the only difference was the final combined score! I guessed 46, and
the combined final score was 44 making me the closest!


  1. Yay football! (That's my attempt at commenting on a sports post) haha.

    And congratulations on being the champion of your BFL pick 'em league!

    Let me know if this works for ya, or what... Hahaha

  2. thanks zackels! love the enthusiasm.
    it was actually a little over the top/overwhelming/and down right intimidating!

    BAHAHAHA. but really. thanks. lol.