Saturday, November 28, 2009

So Much for 10 Wins Hawk! 2009

My CU Projected Record(white)/Actual Loss(red)/Actual Win(blue)


6 Colorado State -- W -- L 17-23
11 @Toledo (ESPN)-- W -- L 38-54
19 Wyoming (Legacy Day)-- W -- W 24-0


1 @West Virginia (ESPN)-- W L 24-35
10 @Texas -- L L 14-38
17 Kansas (Family Weekend)-- W W 34-30
24 @Kansas State (CU Herd Trip to Kansas)-- W L 6-20
31 Missouri (Homecoming)-- L L 17-36


7 Texas A&M (Veterans Day)-- W W 35-34
14 @Iowa State -- W L 10-17
19 @Oklahoma State (ESPN)-- L L 28-31
27 Nebraska (Senior Day)-- L L 21-28

**My Projected Record 8-4**
**Actual Record 3-9**

(None of the views/opinions stated below are opinions of CU, the University, or the football team)

The Colorado Buffaloes 2009 football season ended today with a 21-28 loss to our hated rival, N***aska. Hawkins and the Buffs couldn't win it for the graduating seniors or the program in much need of a victory. Just the day before, CU let everybody know that Coach Dan Hawkins would be returning to coach next year, prompting much outrage from fans, alumni, sports analysts, and current students. Including myself! I am
Very upset with how the AD, Chancellor, and Presiden are handling the situation. I do realize the cost to buyout Hawkins is upwards of $3.1 million, money that CU doesn't have for that. Nevertheless, it sends an awful message to the Big 12, the country and Buffs fans. CU does not seem interested in winning. Hawkins better fix this or I bet he is canned midpoint next season.

Personally, I think CU is letting Hawk coach next season, let his son Cody graduate from CU, and then kick Coach Hawk to the street. By this time, the buyout will have lowed substantially.

Here are a couple things both positive/negative that I noticed about our football games:

(When I say "we", I am not including myself)
1. We are the only team in the whole damn FBS that will "Boo" an injured player from the opposing team. And for this I am very embarrassed to call myself a Buffalo.
2. We "boo" the team and our coach staff whenever a timeout is called, no matter the reason it is called.
3. We chant "Fire Hawkins! Fire Hawkins!" right after the announcement that CU will keep Coach Hawk for another season.
4. We "boo" any player that does not may a play. We also say derogatory things to both players of both teams and fans of the opposing team.
----I am very embarrassed to be associated with these actions, especially #1----

(Things I love about football games)
1. This isnt intramurals brother! This is D1 football!
2. Ralphie and Chip are the two big things we cheer for
3. Our stadium is gorgeous
4. You are part of something bigger than yourself
5. You are part of a team
6. It's D1 football
7. Season tickets!
8. Also, with the school I chose to attend, I can also try out for the team...because we are THAT bad. haha.
9. There are many more, but these are enough for now.

A "very nice" Nebraska fan told me, "We have to be frisked before we go into Folsom?! Only in Boulder" -- and my response to that was a big fat grin. :D

Good Luck to Coach Hawk in 2010 and GOO BUFFS!

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  1. I dig your list of why you like football games. :)