Friday, January 29, 2010

Blame it on the Weatherman

This was my first time being the on-air talent for the actual show.
Previously I had done Man on the Street,
which is pretty casual and filmed many days in advance.
Doing weather is more of a "professional", day of, type of piece. I
really enjoyed doing it and hope to do it again soon!

Check out our whole show for this week..Below!

Haha. Sorry, I had to.


  1. Way to go Vince! That was a great job. Did you come up with everything you had to say, or is it somewhat scripted? Either way, stupendous!

  2. Thanks man!
    I put together all those slides so I knew what I wanted to talk about just based off of research and the slides. But other than that, there wasn't a script I was reading from.

  3. Well great job! So what's next for you? CNN? Good Morning America?

  4. Someday..Someday. Maybe I will be giving you your weather one day.. hm.

  5. V - Nice work with the weather report. Really putting youself out there. I like it. Great song too.

  6. Thanks Dad! It was a great experience. I hope to do it more.

  7. Wow, Vince! You're a weatherman! Cam, Ted and I just watched it, and we LOVED it!!! Gosh, I wish Michael could see it. He would love it, too! Let us know when you do it again. We're fans!!!

  8. O my gosh!!! I know him!!! Lol nice eugene! You were great!

  9. Thanks guys! I really enjoyed it. A lot of work goes into prepping for it too!
    It's a ton of fun to do as well, but being on camera for the show is kind of nerve-racking. I definitely improved from my previous takes so I was really excited about that.

    I will definitely let you know next time I am on camera for something!

  10. Good job, Vince. :-)