Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lake Hebgen/Yellowstone

Right before heading off to Boulder for my Sophomore year, I would take a week long trip with the Helveys that inevitably would delay my arrival in Boulder much longer. The plan was for me to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah and hang out with Annie for a couple days before meeting up with the Helveys and continuing my adventure to Yellowstone, Montana! It was great seeing Annie and hanging out with her for a few days. We explored Temple Square in Salt Lake City and actually found someone we knew! We found Jenae, one of the bridesmaids in Brittany's wedding! She was working as a Missionary for her church. It was cool to see her and talk a little bit. Annie showed me around Ogden, Utah and Pleasant View. She promised next time I visit we can do some more adventurous stuff and hopefully visit longer.

The next day we met up with the Helveys at the famous Helvey diner of choice, Chilis. It was good to see them, and this is where I was presented with my "Wildlife T-Shirt" My was brown with a big screen-printed wolf on it.

Annie, Kyle, myself, and Cam outside of "Spoon Me" Fro-yo

Yellowstone was awesome and Maddie's performance at the Playmill in West Yellowstone was fantastic! I got to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and absolutely loved it. I was surprised that I did. It may have been because Maddie was in it. :) It is always cooler to see a performance or show with a familiar face on stage. I am still sad that I didn't get to see her in Beauty and the Beast.

We visited Yellowstone National Park as well, my first visit to the park. It was so beautiful and even more magnificent to finally see in person. We did some hiking, and saw real Buffaloes!!! That was definitely the highlight of the trip. There had to be hundreds of them all making their way across the road we were on, right at sunset. Some were extremely "friendly" coming close to our car and blocking in a motor home parked off to the side. It was very exciting, but also very scary. Below are some pictures from the trip. The buffalo ones wont look that impressive, but it was awesome in person!

Myself, Cam, Annie, and Kyle walking to the car. 
Look at the mountains in the background. Ogden, Utah.

A camel! In the middle of Idaho! What?!

Cam, myself, and Kyle posing(haha) at the Potato Museum

Half of the Lake/Half the cabin. Wish I had gotten a 
better picture of the lake. I was going to but... ;)

Kyle and I playing on the Kiddie Playground 
in West Yellowstone

Cam and Kyle picking on me by the river where we had lunch

Cam, Myself, Jenn, and Kyle all "pretending" we are scared 
after seeing a buffalo less than a yard away from the car!

Group picture of the kids during hiking

Another group shot of Annie's Family/the Helveys

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