Friday, October 9, 2009

Blogger Football Pick' em League Week 4

**The teams I picked and lost are in RED**
**The teams I picked and won are in BLUE**

Cleveland @ Buffalo (Browns are still in shambles. Trent Edwards looked good against the Patriots.)

Pittsburgh @ Detroit (hahahah. Oh, and I am starting Big Ben in my fantasy league this week)

Dallas @ Kansas City (Both teams look awful, but the Cowboys have better looking cheerleaders. Look for that to be the kicker.)

Minnesota @ St. Louis (It’s the Vikings vs. the Lambs. And I think these guys are hungry this week.)

Oakland @ NY Giants (This game will be a lot closer than expected. Raiders have a solid secondary. And that’s about it)

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia (Michael Vick! Michael Vick! Michael Vick! Also, I am starting Philly’s D.)

Washington @ Carolina (Panthers may be 0-3, but look for them to turn it around and be 3-3 in a blink of an eye.)

Cincinnati @ Baltimore (I want to say the Bengals…but idk. OK, the Bengals will win a close one.)

Atlanta @ San Francisco (Singletary is the man. The 49ers are experiencing a Crabtree signing high, and will play well.)

Jacksonville @ Seattle (I have to go with MJD (Maurice Jones-Drew: Jaguars RB) here. My friend put up 400+ yards and 6 TDs on me using him. It looks like a good sign.))

Houston @ Arizona (Matt Schaub is hot, very hot.)

New England @ Denver (Elvis will have fun getting to Brady. I predict 3 sacks. But Brady is looking like himself again)

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (Dallas Clark will score. Titans have been giving up a lot of points to TE. Will we see Vince Young?)

Monday Night:

NY Jets @ Miami (Mark Sanchez screwed up. Stop calling him “Broadway Mark”. But they will beat the Dolpins)
Combined MNF Score = 45