Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow!

The first snow on my way to @CUSportsMag on Thursday.
I stopped at the Laughing Goat, on the backside of Norlin Library for a Hot Chocolate.

The first snow of Friday. I was on my way to Chem 140 for a free
showing of The Hangover.

Outside of the UMC, it is a SNOW FLURRRYYY!
Right before the showing of The Hangover.

Buckles and Susana making snow angels where the water fountains
normally shoot out water. This was after the showing of The Hangover.

The Final Result

 Action shot of Buckles throwing a snowball at me.
She missed high and to my left. See the white cloud?

The additions to my Macbook Pro, after adding the
@skullcandy sticker and the Boulder-Freeride sticker!

Heading to brunch

  Views from 13th floor of Stearns East

View from 6th Floor Stearns West


  1. Awesome! I love snow! Don't know if I could live in it though.

  2. Nor do
    We will see how it goes. I am really enjoying it so far.

  3. I'm seriously so jealous that you get all this snow! It better still be there if I come february/march!

  4. the snow is awesome~ just got my 5-mountain pass for the season! breck, keystone, arapahoe, and then 10 days at vail and 10 days at beaver creek!

  5. Hmm. What's that white stuff? /denial