Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 10 Yahoo Fantasy Football #cgleague

I am really getting tired of losing.
I was projected 116 points and only got 77.54.
I am now 6-4, and on the playoff bubble. The Buffs
used to be a lock for the #cgleague playoffs, not im struggling
to stay afloat. Hopefully, my players can turn it around next week.


  1. I have Vincent Jackson on my team as well, and he was terribly disappointing, especially considering he is the #1 WR in fantasy points on my ESPN league. My opponent had Ben Roethlisberger starting, and McNabb on the bench, thank goodness, or I would have lost!

  2. Vincent Jackson has not been playing well the past 2, or is it 3 weeks. I don't know whats happening with him. For the most part, the rest of my team did well. I have Jamal Charles and he got 20+ points, but I decided to start Ronnie Brown, the prover fantasy producer, who didnt get off like normal.

    Big Ben didnt do much. 173+ yards for no TD's.
    And lastly, Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, and Steven Jackson all got off to beat me singlehandedly.

  3. Does it make you feel better knowing that God still loves you regardless of how you do on for fantasy football league? Well, he loves you a little bit less when you lose, but he still loves you nonetheless. :P